Therapist Services

Occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy and home nursing are vital services that allow the elderly or disabled person to live with dignity and in the comfort of their own home while at the same time ensuring that they receive the personal attention and medical care that they require. Whether the need is for medical care such as administering injections and/or medication, drawing blood for lab work or providing the therapeutic services aimed at enhancing motor function or speech, therapists and nurses enable the elderly to continue living at home independently while ensuring the home remains a healthy and safe environment.
home infusion therapist

Home Infusion Therapist

Allows patients to receive vital fluids, and medications in the comfort of their home. A team of IV specialty nurses combines their assessment skills, technical and expertise in treating patients. We offer a cost effective alternative to lengthy hospitalization or repeated trips to the hospital.
occupational therapist

Occupational Therapist

Helps patients of all ages who have limited abilities establish, develop, and/or maintain the ability to complete daily functions, and tasks.  
physical therapy

Physical Therapist

Assists in many areas of the medical field to treat patients of all ages with a variety of medical services to help individuals who have been injured or physically affected by illness to recover or improve function.  
respiratory therapist

Respiratory Therapist

Assists patients who suffer from pulmonary (breathing) disorders, in addition to analyzing and performing diagnostic testing they perform relevant exams, blood oxygen levels, control cardiopulmonary equipment, and machines needed to assist or monitor the patient's breathing.  
speech therapist

Speech Therapist

Treat communication problems related to language, and speech. Providing care to patients of all ages, speech-language pathologists seek to improve communication skills through vocal exercise, and cognitive therapies.