1What type of services does a Home Care agency provide?
Home Care agencies provide personal care and companion services by certified home health aides to individuals in their own homes. Hope Home Care, Inc., a Licensed Home Health Care Agency (LHCSA), makes these services available to meet the specific needs of each patient allowing them to remain living at home safely, and comfortably surrounded by everything that is meaningful to them.
2Who coordinates the services?
A Registered Nurse in consultation with the patient’s doctor arranges all the services and keeps the doctor informed of progress. At Hope Home Care every patient’s plan of care is developed by the RN and customized to ensure that all the patient’s needs are met.
3What type of insurance pays for Home Care?
In general Medicaid, Medicare, long term care insurances and most private insurances cover some or all the costs of homecare. At Hope Home Care we help the individual determine which of the services are covered by their insurance.
4What’s the difference between Long Term and Short Term Care?
Short Term Care is provided by Certified Home Care Agencies (CHAAs) to patients for a short period of time usually following an acute episode such as a hospital stay. These services are usually covered by Medicare and Medicaid. Long Term Care programs such as MLTCs provide Home Care services to Medicaid patients who require long term assistance with their activities of daily living, and choose to remain living in their own home with assistance from a home health aide, in addition to other benefits. A LHCSA provides Home Health Aide services for patients as a contracted vendor for both the CHAA and the MLTC.
5If I switch from Short Term (CHAA) to Long Term (MLTC) Care, can I keep the aide who knows me, and whom I am used to?
When you stay with Hope Home Care as your LHCSA we continue to assign the same aide to you since we are a vendor for both of these types of care providers.
6How do I start home care services with Hope Home Care?
Call us at (718) 667-8510 or email info@newcenturyhc.com. Our intake specialists will answer any questions you have about eligibility and the range of services available. Ask about our free assessments!